EIZ Congratulates Eng. Mapani

Congratulations Eng. Victor Benjamin Mapani; FEIZ The Engineering Institution of Zambia wishes to congratulate Eng. Victor Benjamin Mapani, on his appointment as Managing Director of ZESCO Limited. Eng. Mapani is an Electrical engineer and a Fellow of the Engineering Institution of Zambia. Eng Mapani has been a professional member of EIZ since 2005. The EIZ is confident that with his seasoned experience in the energy sector, Eng. Mapani will deliver and bring the development of the energy sector to greater heights. ZESCO remains one of the foremost leading stakeholders in fostering engineering development in the country and the EIZ is confident that Eng Mapani will help continue on the growth and prosperity of the engineering fraternity as he takes the leadership of one of our largest engineering organisations. The Engineering Council, EIZ Management & Staff wishes him well and congratulates him again on his appointment.