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2023 EIZ Annual Symposium - Calls for Papers

Posted by: EIZ Secretariat

The Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) will be holding its’ Annual Conference from Thursday 20th April 2023 to Saturday 22nd April, 2023, in Livingstone, Zambia. The Conference Theme is “Sustainable economic transformation and job creation through home-grown engineering solutions.” The Conference will begin with the Zambia Women in Engineering Section (ZWES) Conference on Thursday 20th April, 2023 followed by the EIZ Annual Symposium which will be held on Friday 21st April 2023. Parallel to the ZWES Conference and the Annual Symposium, the Engineering Institution of Zambia will host a Skills Forum which will be held from Thursday 20th April 2023 to Saturday 22nd April, 2023. The Conference will end with the EIZ Annual General Meeting which will be held on Saturday 22nd April 2023.The Venue for the Conference will be advised in due course 1. CONCEPT NOTE Engineering plays a vital role in addressing basic human needs by improving our quality of life and creating job opportunities for sustainable economic transformation on a local, national, regional and global level. Crucially, it also contributes to UNESCO’s two Global Priorities: Africa and Gender Equality. Addressing sustainable economic transformation and job creation within the challenges of climate change, COVID-19 pandemics, population growth and urbanisation will require innovative home-grown engineering and technology-based solutions. Therefore, Engineering Professionals in Zambia, and Africa at large, should focus on the design of home-grown engineering solutions to address these peculiar needs. Engineering Professionals need to be abreast of the ‘new normal’ and adapt their designs to suit this new setting. Engineering Professionals should take this opportunity of the ‘new normal’ to develop home-grown engineering solutions that meet the peculiar needs of the local, national, regional and global levels, noting that these disruptive and uncertain times should enable indigenous engineers to bring their creativity to the fore to enable businesses and the nation survive the brutal effects of the pandemic and thereby creating new jobs. Therefore, the Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) is inviting authors and innovators to contribute to the 2023 EIZ Annual Symposium by submitting articles that illustrate substantial contributions and proven experiences that describe significant advances or improvements in the areas under the following sub-themes; (a) Resilience and adaptation to Climate change through engineering solutions (b) Efficiency and renewable energy interventions (c) Sustainable Mining, Value addition, economic development and empowerment (d) Job creation through engineering SMEs (e) Value Chain in electric battery and clean energy (f) Sustainable economic transformation through quality assured engineering projects (g) Fit for purpose infrastructure development through competitive pricing and value for money (h) Pandemic prevention through engineering solutions (i) STEM education for innovation and sustainable development 2. SUBMISSION GUIDLINES Authors are invited to submit full papers for the for the Conference stating the category described under item (1) (by Friday, 18th November, 2022 via email to the Conference Organising Committee (, and Submissions must be original and should not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated by the EIZ Publications and Editorial Committee. The papers submitted should not exceed eight (8) pages in length inclusive of illustrations. The papers must be in Microsoft Word format, produced on A4 paper size in Times New Roman font type and 10 Point font size, single line spacing, and in a single column format. The margins should be 35mm on the left and 25mm on the other three sides of the page. For further guidance, authors are asked to refer to the “001a EIZ Symposium Full Paper Formatting Guidelines,” (please click here: EIZ Symposium manuscript guidelines and template) and “001b Author Publication Guidelines” (please click here: EIZ Author Publication Guidelines 2021.pdf ( These sets of guidelines must be strictly adhered to as any departure from or ignorance of the same will lead to papers being rejected. Submitted papers, in the given format, must contain the following sections as minimum requirements: - (a) Title (b) Name of author(s) and institution(s) of affiliation with full postal address, e-mail address and phone number for the lead or corresponding author. (c) An abstract, not exceeding 150 words. (d) A minimum of five keywords (which must also appear in the abstract). (e) The main body of the paper. (f) Conclusions and recommendations. (g) References (Harvard style, see “References” for guidance.) References The Harvard system should be used. Citations in the text should be quoted in the following manner: Alexander (2000) or (Simate and Mtonga, 1997) or if there are more than two authors, James, et al. (1990). Note that “et al” is italicised. References should be collected at the end of the paper in alphabetical order by the first author’s surname. If references to the same author have the same year, they must be differentiated by using, for example, 1995a and 1995b, etc. References should be complete (examples are given below) and verified at source by the author(s). Inclusion of confidential and restricted material or internal reports not readily accessible to readers should be avoided, as should personal communication. Examples of References: Journals Garry, P. and Phiri, Z. (1970). Cost implications of industrial waste discharges. Journal of the Engineering Institution of Zambia, Vol. 2, pp. 32-40. Ng’andu, A. N. and Simukanga, S. (2001). Stress analysis of mechanical components in mineral separation process plants at extremely high temperatures. Journal of Process Plants. Samuel and ST Publishing House, Lusaka, pp. 23-30. Where possible, journal abbreviations should be used. If the abbreviation is not known, the journal title should be given in full. Books Rollson, E. C. (1949). Metallurgy for Engineers. Second Edition, pp. 62-82, London: Edward Arnold. Conference Proceedings Nkhuwa, D. C. W. (2000). Management of groundwater resources in Lusaka, Zambia, and expectations for the future, in Sililo, O. T. N., et al. (Eds.); Groundwater – Past Achievements and Future Challenges. Proc. XXX. Conf. Of the Ass. of Hydrogeol., pp. 993-998, Balkema, Rotterdam. Reports Chama, R. D. (1980). Interfacial structures in nickel-based transition joints after long term service. Report RD/M/N1131, Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation, Lusaka. The Publications Committee adheres to a strict policy against plagiarism and any plagiarised content will not be accepted or entertained. Papers to be presented during the conference will be published in a book of Conference Proceedings which shall be distributed to the participants in attendance. 3. IMPORTANT DEADLINES Authors must pay particular attention to the under listed important deadlines: (a) Friday, 18th November, 2022 – Deadline for Receipt of Full Papers (14 weeks). (b) Wednesday, 23rd November, 2022 – Editorial Meeting – Appointment of Reviewers (1 Day). (c) Thursday, 8th December – Sunday, 11th December, 2022 – Reviewers’ Camp (½ Week). (d) Friday, 23rd December, 2022 – Deadline of Sending for corrections (1 week) (e) From Sunday, 25th December, 2022 – Correction process by the authors (7 weeks). (f) Friday, 10th February, 2023 – Deadline for Receipt of corrected papers and sending them to Reviewers for verification of corrections (4 weeks). (g) From Sunday, 12th March, 2023 to Saturday, 1st April, 2023 – Typesetting/Preparation of pdf eBook of Conference Proceedings and Conference Programme (3 weeks). (h) Sunday, 2nd April, 2023 to Saturday, 15th April, 2023 – Finalising/printing of Conference Programme (2 weeks). (i) Thursday, 20th April, 2023 – Zambia Women in Engineering Section (ZWES) Conference (1 Day) and Skills Forum (as a parallel activity for two days). (j) Friday, 21st April, 2023 – Symposium Day (1 Day). Authors are advised to take serious note of these very tight deadlines. ADDRESS FOR COMMUNICATION The 2023 EIZ Symposium Engineering Institution of Zambia Stand No. 2374, Danny Pule Road, Show Grounds, 10101, P.O. Box RW 51084 Lusaka, Zambia Tel/Fax: +260 (0)21 125 5161 Email : and / or :



Posted by: EIZ Secretariat

STATEMENT FROM THE REGISTRAR & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF THE ENGINEERING INSTITUTION OF ZAMBIA ON THE OCCASION OF THE SIGNING OF THE AGREEMENT BETWEEN TECHNICAL EDUCATION, VOCATIONAL AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP AGENCY (TEVETA) ON ONE PART AND LUSAKA BUSINESS AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE (LBTC) AND THE ENGINEERING INSTITUTION OF ZAMBIA (EIZ) ON ANOTHER PART The Director General of TEVETA, Mr. Cleophas Takaiza The Director of the Lusaka Business and Technical College, Mr. Lawrence Zulu Management staff from all Institutions present Invited Guests, Members of the Press Ladies and Gentlemen I am very excited that today, the plan that EIZ and LBTC had to help improve the skills of the craftsperson and technician members of the EIZ has finally culminated into the signing of an Agreement for Implementation under the skills Development Fund, implemented by TEVETA on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Zambia. The plan has an overall objective of providing specific short course in electrical wiring in accordance with the Zambia Code of Practice for wiring of premises rules in the design, selection, erection, inspection and testing of electrical installations. What does this mean for EIZ members? This mammoth milestone means the following: 1 Engineering professionals can update their knowledge in electrical wiring and installations; 2 Engineering professionals will update their knowledge on the required standards for electrical installations; 3 Engineering professionals will learn latest engineering and technological developments in the fields of electrical wiring, electrical fittings and lighting; 4 Engineering professionals will learn Safety, Health and Environmental Management practices in electrical installations. The key pre-requisite to participate in the course is that one MUST be a member of the EIZ! As EIZ, I want to inform and encourage members of the EIZ, especially those in the Craftsperson and Technician categories, who are active in domestic wiring installations to register for this course in order to achieve the above mentioned benefits. I also want to take this opportunity to invite those engineering practitioners who are not yet members of the EIZ to come and register so that they can benefit from this training. Lastly, let me thank LBTC for, firstly agreeing to partner with the EIZ on this important Skills Development activity. Your input and hard work on this project has finally paid off. Let me also thank TEVETA for being the key driver in skills development and seeing it fit that the EIZ proposal would actually go a long way to benefit the engineering practitioners, but also the nation at large. I want to also inform the public that, the EIZ Act provides that anyone providing an engineering service MUST be registered with the EIZ and MUST have a VALID practicing license. This is the only way that the EIZ can ensure that services provided by engineering professionals are of high quality. This training will enhance the value of services that the engineering professionals will offer to the public. Eng. Linus K. Chanda, FEIZ REGISTRAR AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER ENGINEERING INSTITUTION OF ZAMBIA


EIZ Council pays courtesy call on the Minister of Small and Medium Enterprise Development

Posted by: EIZ Secretariat

The Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) Council, led by President Eng. Abel Ng'andu today paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Small and Medium Enterprise Development Hon. Eng. Elias Mubanga. The Minister thanked Council for the gesture and emphasised on the need for his Ministry and EIZ to collaborate closely to help Government achieve economic growth in accordance with the UPND Alliance Manifesto. The Minister also raised the following issues: 1. Local engineering Professionals should be part of the entire project formulation process right from inception and ensure that artisans are fully involved in the entire project value chain 2. The Ministry is relooking at the viability of reviving the Mining training facilities in order to uplift skills training in the country. 3. The Minister encouraged the delegation to ensure that EIZ covers the whole country, especially rural areas in terms of its activities



Posted by: EIZ Secretariat

At its second quarter meeting held on 2 June, 2021 the Board resolved to commence the process of deregistration of Engineering Organisations and Units that are NOT COMPLIANT in accordance with Clasue 42(2) of the EIZ Act. This notice therefore serves to inform the general public that the companies listed below are not COMPLIANT with the Act. The listed firms on the EIZ Website are therefore PROHIBITED from practicing engineering or participating in any engineering related activities. The Board will further proceed to DEREGISTER and REVOKE the licences of the attached Engineering Organisations and Units.


Frank Ferguson Fellows Programme – Africa – 2022/23

Posted by: EIZ Secretariat

The Frank Ferguson Fellows Programme enables early to mid-career professionals from Zambia, with leadership potential, to benefit from a prestigious, world-class, quality education contributing to capacity building. It offers selected students the opportunity to undertake a fully funded one-year master’s level programme at a higher education institution (HEI) in Ireland. The award covers programme fees, flights, accommodation and living costs. Eligible master’s level programmes in Ireland commence in August or September each year and, depending on the programme, will run for between 10 and 16 months. The Frank Ferguson Fellows Programme promotes equal opportunity and welcomes diversity. The aims of the Programme are to nurture future leaders; to develop in-country capacity to achieve national SDG goals; and to build positive relationships with Ireland. On return home, graduates are expected to bring their acquired skills to contribute to capacity building in their home countries. It is also envisaged that they will contribute to building enduring positive personal and professional relationships with Ireland, promoting institutional linkages. The Frank Ferguson Fellows Programme is fully funded by the Irish Government and is offered under the auspices of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). It aligns with the Irish Government’s commitment under Global Ireland and the national implementation plan for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Ireland's Policy for International Development, and Ireland's International Education Strategy. The programme is managed by the relevant Embassy responsible for eligible countries. Programme implementation in Ireland is supported by the Irish Council for International Students (ICOS). Studying at postgraduate level in Ireland offers a unique opportunity to join programmes that are driving innovation and changing lives worldwide. Applicants can choose from various postgraduate programmes specially selected to enhance capacity in line with stated country development goals and the strategy of the Irish Embassy. Eligible Countries: Zambia Eligible Courses: Applicants must select from the following list of courses offered by the National University of Ireland, Galway: 1. Master of Civil Engineering (1MEC1) 2. MSc in Mechanical Engineering (1MSME1) 3. ME in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (1MEEE1) 4. MSc in Marine and Freshwater Resources: Management (1MFR1) The deadline for receipt of Stage 1 applications is 1 August 2021. Application documents are available below under Application Information below once you confirm your eligibility. Eligibility To be eligible for the Frank Ferguson Fellowship, applicants must: • Be a citizen of Zambia and be residing in Zambia. • Hold a Degree in Engineering or related discipline with Merit or higher from an accredited and government-recognised higher education institution, • have achieved the necessary academic standard to be accepted onto a Master's level course of study in Engineering • Not already hold a qualification at master’s level or higher • Be applying to commence a new course at master’s level in Ireland no sooner than August/September 2021. • Have identified and selected two relevant courses from the above list of engineering courses at NUI Galway. • Have a clear understanding of the academic and English language proficiencies required for both courses chosen. • Must not have applied for an Ireland Fellowship on more than one previous occasion. • Be a member of the Engineering Institution of Zambia. • Have a minimum of three years' relevant work experience. • Be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to the development of Zambia. • Meet any relevant procedural requirements of the Government of Zambia. Applicants will be required to submit a research proposal in an area linked to a social problem in Zambia. Applicants who are shortlisted by the Engineering Institution of Zambia will be invited to present their research proposal to the Embassy of Ireland and will be subject to further screening. In addition, please note that applications in the following participating countries are by invitation only: Zambia This means that fellowships in these countries are restricted to the staff of government departments and NGOs which work in partnership with Irish Aid, and to personnel of organizations that are aligned with Irish Aid's development strategy in their country which have already been identified by the Embassy of Ireland. Applications from outside these partnerships will not be eligible. To find out if you are eligible to apply, please contact the relevant Embassy of Ireland or your employer. Applications Please read the Applicant Guidance Note carefully before completing as eligibility criteria may differ from country to country. The application process consists of three stages: • Stage 1 Preliminary Application; • Stage 2 Detailed Application; • Stage 3 Interviews. All applicants who are selected to progress after the second stage will be required to sit an online Duolingo English Test. If shortlisted after the interview stage, all applicants will be required to take another English language test, normally the IELTS exam, unless they are already in possession of an IELTS certificate that is dated 2019 or later which shows the applicant has achieved the necessary score for the course(s) they intend to apply to. Early preparation for the IELTS exam is strongly advised, even for native English speakers. To apply, please visit Frank Ferguson Fellowship in Engineering | Ireland Fellows Programme ( and click the checkbox in the Application Information section as illustrated below. Application Information Applications will not be considered for this fellowship unless all eligibility criteria are met. You should carefully check that you can meet the above criteria before requesting application information. I meet all eligibility requirements listed above. Please show additional information.


Extraordinary General Meeting

Posted by: EIZ Secretariat

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that there will be an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) on Saturday, 24th July 2021 starting at 09:00 hrs. Due to the prevailing corona virus pandemic, the meeting will be conducted virtually. Members who wish to attend MUST REGISTER at ADMISSION TO THE EGM AND ELIGIBILITY TO VOTE Please note that only members in good standing as at 24 June, 2021 shall be admitted to the EGM and ONLY those members stipulated in Section VII of the 2019 EIZ Constitution shall be allowed to vote at the EGM.


EIZ Secretariat moves into its newly constructed offices

Posted by: EIZ Secretariat

The Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) embarked on a project of constructing the EIZ Headquarters at stand No. 2374, Danny Pule Road in Showgrounds area. Danny Pule road runs from Thabo Mbeki road, behind Arcades Mall through to Nangwenya road at Parliament Motel in Lusaka. To help with construction of the new offices, the EIZ created a special purpose vehicle known as the EIZ Properties PLC (EPROPS), within which the project was anchored. EPROPS is listed on the stock market whose shares are offered to EIZ members. The project was part financed from the proceeds of these shares, over and above the building levy which the members contributed from 2014 to 2018. The EIZ Secretariat was earlier housed at C/L7 Brentwood Drive, Longacres, Lusaka since 2011. The Longacres offices served as the EIZ headquarters. The new building, is a 3 – storey structure and will house the EIZ Headquarters and part of the Southern Region staff who will occupy the ground and first floors on the Southern Wing. The completion of the new offices will enable EIZ to operate under one roof, with room to expand and accommodate new staff to meet the high demand from the general membership. With the opening of the HQ building the EIZ aims to improve members services, with a view to making the EIZ a world-class engineering Institution..